Don’t Let These Myths Keep You From Partnering With Order Fulfillment Companies

By | November 9, 2016

For a large number of online retailers, outsourcing order fulfillment to dedicated service providers still remains to be a misunderstood and complicated process. Even though many companies are years into partnering with reliable order fulfillment companies, others wonder if involving a third party service provider will actually beneficial.

Order Fulfillment CompaniesIn this blog post, we bunk a few myths about partnering with order fulfillment companies:

Myth#1- Nobody Can Manage Your Business Operations Better Than You

Even though it is true that outsourcing means letting go off the reins a bit, you are still in control of how customers perceive your brand.

Of course you have a better understanding of your customers, but a dedicated order fulfillment company has an unparalleled understanding of how order handling and fulfillment works.

E-commerce order fulfillment companies become your partners in delivering a unique customer experience by streamlining deliveries, managing inventory and handling returns/exchanges.

Myth#2-Outsourcing Order Fulfillment Is Only Good For Bigger Companies

This is perhaps the most common misunderstanding when it comes to order fulfillment companies. The truth is, smaller businesses can benefit even more from outsourced order fulfillment. The tricky part is partnering with the right service provider so that you know you are getting the most value for your money.

Consider this; are you willing to cover the massive costs of building up your own fulfillment infrastructure or cover a small fees and let a third party take care of everything.

Myth#3-Outsourced Fulfillment Will Restrict Business Growth

Long-term contracts can certainly seem like you are being bound.

However, partnering with an order fulfillment company will not compromise your business growth in any way.

The right third party service provider will offer exceptional scalability, increasing your warehouse footprint and staffing requirements accordingly.

A reliable order fulfillment company will want to see you grow.

Myth#4- My Customers Will Know I Outsource

Even though the term ‘outsourcing’ has evolved dramatically over the years, some still attach a negative connotation to it. When it comes to experienced order fulfillment companies, customers might not even know you are outsourcing order handling. Moreover, you can even customize all packing slips for even better branding.

Partnering with the right order fulfillment company can help your e-commerce business grow and develop rapidly. Don’t let these myths keep you from benefiting from order fulfillment companies. For the best services, check out ShipFusion today!