4 Tips to Improve Your Company’s Shipping Processes

By | February 22, 2018

Guess what, your customers won’t prefer buying from you if you make late deliveries. Who would want to wait for such slow shipping and delivery!

Your customers pay money to receive ordered products in a timely fashion, packaged and shipped safely to the specified location. Customers will pay for their desired mode of parcel delivery and shipping (standard, next day or same day) and expect the order to arrive on time.

Following are some ways you can improve your company’s shipping processes:

Locate Items Quickly

This is possible if taken help from the right technology. You must be able to identify the exact location of every item stored in a warehouse. Don’t think taking this step is necessary?

Sure, go ahead if you don’t mind trying to find a certain product in a warehouse with countless other items! Trying to locate an item will be the same as trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Locate items quickly with the help of the right technology which will efficiently identify how many items are in stock and where they are located in the warehouse.

Scanning devices can be used for this purpose such as bar code and wireless scanners which reduce human error and saves money.

Address Suggestions in Shopping Carts

Another way to lower shipping costs and improve efficiency is by avoiding any and all address corrections from carriers. This can be done easily enough – by adding a feature to your website’s shopping cart.

This will verify a customer’s address and suggest potential corrections before being accepted for order processing.

Strategic Placement of Inventory

Do you ship items and products from more than one location? Companies that have two or more warehouse locations need to place a certain number of A & B movers in each but only D movers in the first location. This is ideally done to lower inventory carry costs.

Always place more movers and such personnel where warehouse space and labor costs are the lowest. You can also take advantage of outsourced order fulfillment services.

Plan Transportation Routes Carefully

Carriers that ship small parcels often provide incredible cost-savings, when shipping multi-piece orders. These orders don’t feature multi pallets or full pallets.

You must also keep in mind that air transport is more expensive than shipping by sea or land.

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